Yoga and Dance Movement


2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month 

11.00am – 12.30pm 

Drop in £8

Yoga and Movement Membership £32/month (6 sessions for combined Yoga and Movement and Yoga DanceMovement)

 £36/6 sessions membership for Yoga and DanceMovement.

US Price £6




YOGA AND DANCEMOVEMENT has the same foundations as Yoga and Movement, and extended for those who love Yoga and dancing. This exploration still held in conscious movement is for those wanting to dip into the spicy taste of blending Yoga and DanceMovement together. You don’t need to be a dancer, just wanting to take part in these multicultural and performing vibes sprinkled in an open Yoga community. 


DATES:  Saturdays 14th and 28th September

Saturdays 12th and 26th October

Saturdays 9th and 23rd  November

 Saturday 14th December

Saturdays 11th and 25th January 

Saturdays 8th and 22nd  February 



“A devoted teacher with a deep heart and a courageous soul” My teacher Rowan Cobelli this is the way some of the yogis who come to class express their experience, the magic of this is how reciprocal all benefit is, so much appreciate these connections <3 

“Silvia’s beautiful classes are are a life essential for my mind, body and spirit after experiencing a health scare. She works intuitively to deliver just what you need for your day. It’s an honour to be part of the group.” Mel 

“Silvia’s yoga classes nourish your soul. She effortlessly combines the physical with the energetic creating a safe space for deep connection to the Self. At the end of each class, I am grounded, connected and utterly grateful to her for sharing her very special practice”. Claire 

“A perfect combination of Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation taught by a caring and knowledgeable teacher” Terry.


SOMETHING ABOUT ME I have lived my passion for Yoga for the last 20 years. I also took part in multidisciplinary performances with ever so interesting people full of courage and brilliant ideas and experiences. I also explored Buddhist Dharma which came to my life as by magic, guided by memorable gurus as I dived into deep retreats when I found myself leading group meditations. On my ongoing journeys I stopped by in England for longer than I expected, where I finally trained as an Integral Yoga Teacher ‘IYTT’, led by someone who I admire and profoundly appreciate Rowan Cobelli. This brought all my passions together as after visiting and experiencing different ‘methods’ of conscious movement and with a background of multidisciplinary Performing Arts, here I am dancing in circles again in the country where it all started in the times of the AES (Performing Arts School), back in the uk; Receiving and giving more of the experiential learning that I love; Deepening into a truthful movement, leading Yoga sessions (group and 1:1) and willing to share all this with you thanks to all my teachers, life’s play, and here Jamii Carmen, bringing us together in this Urban Shanti Creative Community. And magic goes on :))