Rose Hypnotherapy & Hypnobirthing

Bourne Calm

With Rose Byrne


Wk1: Hypnobirthing taster

 Wk2: Intro to hypno for positive change

 Wk3: Hypnobirthing hour 

Wk4: Breath work & hypnosis to calm a cluttered, busy mind.



Hypnobirthing Taster & Intro to Hypnotherapy for Positive Change = £5/person


 Other sessions: FIRST CLASS FREE.Then £10/person

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During a Hypnobirthing Taster Session (Wk 1) learn how the muscles & mind affect each other during labour & birth, what the main cause of pain in labour is & how to avoid this. You’ll enjoy some deep relaxation which is good for you, your partner & your baby in utero. There’ll be time to watch an inspiring, positive hypnobirth & ask questions at the end.

During the ‘Intro to Hypnotherapy for Positive Change’ session (Wk 2) you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions about hypnosis & I will explain how the process works using specific examples of how you might like to benefit from hypnotherapy. We’ll do a short hypnotherapy exercise too so you can appreciate how being in a state of deep relaxation (hypnosis) feels.

During ‘Hypnobirthing Hour’ (Wk 3) you’ll do an hour’s worth of my complete Hypnobirthing course. We’ll cover something different each month. Learn the physiology of labour & birth, some anchoring techniques to help keep you calm, breathing & visualisations & more. If this proves popular, I’ll make it into a weekly event instead of monthly so that people can complete the course this way if they want. Materials that usually come with the course can be purchased separately.

‘Hypnosis & Breath Work To Calm A Cluttered & Busy Mind’ sessions (Wk 4), are for anyone who wants to quieten the chatter & thoughts for an hour. You’ll also learn an invaluable technique to use in your day-to-day life to find a moment of calm if things feel overwhelming or chaotic.