11 - 12.30PM

1st and 3rd Friday of the month 
£5 drop in Sept /Oct £8 thereafter 

Did you know that 350,000 tonnes of used but wearable textiles goes to landfill every year in the UK? With 41% of people saying they’re not aware of any textile recycling facilities, and 60% of householders in UK having unwanted clothes/ textiles stored in their homes.

Well I want to do something about that, and I want to help others reduce their textiles to landfill to. Let’s expand our minds to reduce textiles going to landfill, save some money, get creative and most of all have fun and make friends along the way, a sewing social so to speak.

In these sessions we’ll aim to get experimental with unwanted /unloved textiles and also take the fear out of sewing. I’ll be there to help make the most of the textiles you have to hand via repair, refashion, and repurposing, with the ethos ‘reuse not refuse’.

These sessions are for all sewing abilities but best suited to keen beginners / intermediates. We’ll be leaning towards bringing back the make do and mend mindset rather than full blown garment construction from brand new fabrics. The sessions are fairly short at 1.5 hours, and you’ll have the opportunity to take part in a loosely guided plan or bring your own project.

We’ll look at getting to know your machine better including how to sew with different fabrics, and addressing those frustrating bits you’ve yet to master. Basically making sewing simple, not scary, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

The types of things we’ll be doing include how to fix clothing, how to change it into something else, or funk it up a bit, trouble shooting those pesky sewing tasks that just make you want to scream. There will be a box of funky fabric scraps/embellishments and haberdashery to help us out along the way, you can bring your own supplies, unloved textiles and machine, or there will be textiles, stuff for hand sewing and a communal machine available to use, and for me to demonstrate /teach anything that people need help with.

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Hannahs BIO

Hi I’m Hannah, I currently run a small scale clothing business called LOVED GARMS from home where I sew clothing for women and kids, working on my own is pretty lonely, so am looking forward to meeting new people and making a positive impact giving something back to the community. Aside from GCSE textiles 20 years ago, the rest I’ve learnt along the way through YouTube and books, it just goes to show, if I can sew, anyone can.

Dates for Fri session for
‘Reuse not refuse’ and ‘forest yogi minds’ time 11-12.30pm
6th & 20th September
4th & 18th October
1st & 15th November
6th & 20th December
3rd & 17th, 31st January
7th & 21st February
FUNctional Wellbeing class time 11.15-12.15pm
13th & 27th September
11th & 25th October
8th & 22nd & 29th November
13th & 27th December
10th & 24th January
14th & 28th February
Calm Cookie-ing
 time 11.15-12.15pm
These are the only bookable slots for Sarah as the other ones are a refferal only basis. 
25th October
22nd & 29th November
27th December
24th January
28th February