Relax And Discover
For Young People

Lavender Rockson
Relax & Discover for Young People 

6.00pm – 7.00pm 

Drop in £5 


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Class description:
Attend our exciting and affordable well-being workshops in Bournemouth!!! These will include a pick and mix of activities in a community of young people including relaxation, creativity, playfulness, meditation, movement, mindfulness, games and much more!Fridays: Relax & Discover for Young People:
 1st & 3rd wk Teens U18s
2nd & 4th wk 18 – 26yrs
Only 5 pounds per session – first time is free. 



Generation Evolve is a youth movement with an emphasis on holistic well-being.

Mission Statement:

Ø To build a generation of young people who invest in themselves as part of a collective community.

Ø To empower young people through creating affordable, fun, informal and holistic well-being opportunities with an emphasis on self-care and self-awareness.

Ø To show young people that they can have a positive impact in their society.

Ø To ensure that young people realise their power to influence their life experiences.

Ø To encourage a generation who speak up for their well-being needs and those of others.

Projects overview:

Our aim is to build a movement of young people in which young people make self-care and self-awareness a lifestyle.


– Join the free Generation Evolve Facebook group for weekly posts

– Attend our exciting and affordable well-being workshops in Bournemouth!!! These will include a pick and mix of activities in a community of young people including relaxation, creativity, playfulness, meditation, mindfulness, games and much more!

– Online resources are currently being worked on…


– Want to make a positive impact in the world? Start with yourself through learning about self-care and growing in self-awareness!

– Did you know that stress is the main cause of physical and mental health issues?! Learn self-care to sly this!

– Want to be part of a positive community of young people? Let’s grow together and have fun!

– Low on funds and want to do things that are good for you? Our fees are reasonable because we want you invest in yourself and join us!

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Lavenders BIO

This is the very start of Generation Evolve. The youth movement created for the young, by the young.

Generation Evolve comes from a place of genuine care and belief that young people are the future and together we can create a better world; starting with ourselves.


My name is Lavender and I am the founder of Generation Evolve. I am in my mid-20s and have an insatiable passion for working with young people and making a difference.

I didn’t know the importance of my physical health and mental well-being whilst growing up and had little understanding or routine around my self-care and personal awareness. This is not something formal education teaches us. As a result I have experienced many health challenges. Once I learnt the importance of well-being, I then observed that alternative self-care opportunities were clinical and expensive.

In my quest to improve and support my health and well-being I turned to alternative and creative methods in my everyday life. After working with young people in a number of roles I decided to train as a Meditation, Mindfulness and Relaxation instructor to add to my tool kit. Most importantly, I am very passionate about being part of creating youth communities within my generation who make self-care and self-awareness a lifestyle. Those who work on themselves are more likely to make a positive contribution to society. The future is our collective responsibility. We are Generation Evolve

My interests include: travel, culture, food, alternative therapies, yoga, adventure, laughter, nature, personal development, dance and much more. My workshops will be injected with all my experiences and a sprinkle of gentle care and play.

Qualifications: Social Work Bsc, Level 3 diploma Meditation, Mindfulness & Relaxation instructor, Erasmus + Youth Work abroad certificate & currently in Youth Work lead training. I am also DBS checked and on the update system. I am a member of Complimentary Health Therapist Association. I hold a holistic practitioner insurance policy.



Under 26? Living with an on-going physical health condition?

I’m 27 years old and have lived with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia since I was a teen… this has sent me on an amazing journey to you!!!

I created this in recognition that there are not many well-being opportunities for young people with on-going health conditions – those with chronic health conditions are often much older. Being in a group of young people with similar experiences can be super empowering. Come and be introduced to the benefits of self-care through relaxation, reflection and creative activities to help you grow in self-awareness of the mind and body.

“The sessions will be creative, very relaxing, warm and informative. The course should be seen as a journey. You will highly look forward to coming back to the calm and validating environment we create together each week!”

It is a 4 week course (weekly workshops, printed resources & emails in-between sessions for home practice)

Sessions overview:

Session 1 – Deep relaxation and the benefits

Session 2 – Exploring mindfulness

Session 3: – The mind and body connection

Session 4: – Self-compassion and self-care

Cost (Courses for up to 10 people maximum):

80 pounds per person

50 pounds for students or those on low income

Message us on or our Generation Evolve Facebook if you are interested!!!

Please state whether you are: Teens under 18 OR Over 18s – 26 as these will be two separate groups!

Course dates and times will follow