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Cultivating and Exploring the true nature of Soul


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Soul Alignment Mentoring Circle Overview

Cultivating Awareness and Exploring the true nature of Soul


“Your life. Your answers.”


“Seek outwardly for the soul purpose of guidance; for it’s the inward journey that reveals the answers within.”


Only you can retrace your journey’s footsteps, but sometimes we need a little guidance and support from other/s to reacquaint and redirect ourselves back to our internal compass.


Life can be like riding a bike for the first time with the support of training wheels. Sometimes when you are experiencing something uncomfortable it can often initiates feelings of vulnerabilityconjures up thoughts of “I can’t” or “what if I”. But, should you find the courage and commitment to practice and fully engage with your experiences; in time, the training wheels are are no longer necessary for your growth and  vulnerability is transformed into confidence. The mastered rider’s potential was always there; just as the hidden potential of a tree lies in its seed; all it needs is love to awaken its innate potential.


Guidance and support from someone else can function as training wheels; but you need to mount and ride the bike.


“You have to experience to live and live to experience”


The focus of these Mentoring Circle’s are to inspire, cultivate and expand consciousness of love for self and others.


How will we achieve this?


Provide a sanctuary where everyone can contribute and engage in their ripe time, at their own pace and in accordance to their own journey.


Engage with self and others in a respectful, kind and loving manner; where we feel safe to express our vulnerability without the fear of judgement.


Protect confidentiality and honor the sacred space with trust, compassion and respect when others are sharing and expressing.


Engage with an open heart. Be indifferent; as there are no right, wrong, good or bad soulutions.


Highlights below briefly expand upon some of the tools, practices, concepts and values that we will be engaging with during the Mentoring Circle’s. We will integrate self-awareness practices and life experiences to ensure an enriching journey.


Shining a light on “who I am not” to uncover and reveal “who I am” ; illuminated by an empathetic heart.


Retracing our footsteps to re-familiarise self with its forgotten connection to authentic self.


Cultivating courage and vulnerability to safely express and expose our fear, shame and guilt to resoulve our attachments.


Surrendering to and nurturing our spiritual, mental and physical body’s connections to oneness.


Investing soulful time and committing to building self-awareness practices; increasing our consciousness of love.


Inspiring heartfelt gratitude by fostering kindness  and forgiveness; letting go of those things that no longer serve our greater self.


Dismantling fear based beliefs, values and concepts that falsely imprison us through anxiety, depression and low self-worth.


Dissolving feelings of I am not good enough, I am a victim and aloneness


Strengthening our awareness of wholeness as we heal the wounds of disconnect and fragmentation by interweaving the connectedness of oneness.


“Let’s learn to trust the unknown and question the known.”

Building a Self-Love Practice

Intentions:Energy flows where Intention goes.




I will be offering various formats of meditations, mindfulness and reflective practices to cultivate self-awareness


Meditation practices help to train the brain to calm down and redirect thoughts.


Some benefits of meditation are:


°Overall well-being/better sleep

°Reduces stress and anxiety

°Regulates emotions and breathing

°Enhances Self-Awareness & positive state of mind

Increases self-discipline

°Boost Creativity

°Decrease loneliness

°Manage chronic pain


In addition to regular meditation and mindfulness practices mentioned above; I will be facilitating darkroom meditations varying from 1 hr for beginners to 6hrs for intermediates. It’s best to slowly build up a tolerance.


Darkroom Meditation


The effect of darkness is to shut down major cortical centres of the brain.  It encourages the brain to stimulate the pineal gland to produce MELATONIN. The pineal gland is associated with the 3rd eye and according to spiritual teachers; the opening of the 3rd eye shifts our perception of reality and opens us to our intuition.


Once MELATONIN accumulates up to 15-20mg the pineal glad will produce PINOLENE. Pinolene causes the light patterns/visions/dream state; these are the connections to the inner workings of the spirit mind.


Sensory deprivation experienced in darkness brings about a profound shift in consciousness.


Growing evidence show that prolonged exposure to darkness benefits:



Addictive behaviour


Enhance emotional/feeling/dream state’s.

Deeper inner connection/quietness


To experience best results, retreats of 1 to 3 days and up to 6 to 12 days is recommended; but 1 to 2 hours on a regular basis is very beneficial.

Self-realization Workshops

Transforming I’mperfect


Interactive and impactful workshops


Foundation Courses:

Soulfood, the fear diet

Who am I, not? 


Mini Workshops:

21 day mirror-work Workshop

Gratitude Workshop

Self-compassion Workshop

Letting go Workshop

Self-Acceptance Workshops

Intimacy Workshops

Relationship Workshops

Forgiveness Workshops


You don’t want to miss out. 


Upcoming Workshop details will be posted on the EVENTS section, as they will change monthly; depending on the theme. 



Location, Dates and Times 

Empower Yourself. You have Arrived. 

Urban Shanti Community Studio Boscombe

600 Christchurch Road,




*1st and 3rd Saturday and Sunday in the month




11am – 12:00pm

Building a Self-Love Practice 


12:00pm- 1:30pm

Self-realization Workshop


1:30pm – 3:30pm

Soul Alignment Mentoring Circle


3:30pm – 5:00pm

Self-realization Workshop



11:30am – 12:30pm

Building a Self-Love Practice


12:30pm – 2:00pm

Self-realization Workshop


2:00pm – 4:00pm

Soul Alignment Mentoring Circle

Invest in Yourself



Services and Pricing

Big Saving when you choose combo packages:

** 33% savings on Unlimited Monthly Memberships

*** An additional 10% savings on Combo Memberships :Gold and Silver


Day Pass:

£36  On the day: (£12 savings!)


1 hr Building a Self-Love Practice 

1.5 hr Self-realization Workshop

2 hr Soul Alignment Mentoring Circle


Personal/Intimate sessions

 £130 Personal Soul Alignment Mentoring

1hr session

£50 Soul Alignment Mentoring – Intimate Group

2 hr session

(max 6 places


Building a Self-Love Practice  

Meditation, Mindfulness & Reflective

£30 Unlimited Monthly Membership**

£8  drop in session

£5  concessions (limited spaces)


Self-realization Workshops 

£40 Unlimited Monthly Membership**

*1 Free BAP Session on the day.

£15 drop in session

*1 Free BAP Session on the day.

£10 concession (limited spaces)


Soul Alignment Mentoring Circle 

£67 Unlimited  Monthly Membership**

*1 Free BAP Session on the day.

£25 drop in session*

*1 Free BAP Session on the day.



Combo Memberships:

Combine services for great savings!

£125  Gold Unlimited Membership***

This gives you access to all Soul Alignment Mentoring Circle, Building a Self-Love Practice, and Self-realization Workshop sessions

£63  Silver Unlimited Membership***

This gives you access to all Building a Self-Love Practice and Self-realization Workshop sessions.

Looking forward  to working with you as we travel through this journey.


Let’s work to bridge the gap between soul and mind; patiently untangling the threads of fear to reveal life’s purpose: love.


Let’s play with the heart; exploring the true nature of the soul; awakening and provoking our warrior of love.


Let’s explore how to observe our discomforts through the filters of kindness, love and acceptance with an open heart supported by an open mind.


Let’s learn to differentiate between what’s true; the heart and what’s false, ego.



Nameless I am


“Every day starts and ends as it needs” and “Everything I need I already have”.


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