Inner Goddess Connecting With The Divine Feminine



1.00pm - 2:30pm

Drop in £7.50

US Price £4

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Goddesses have been revered all over the world for many thousands of years. Much information about goddess-centred cultures has been suppressed or distorted during centuries of worldwide patriarchal rule. Learning about and connecting with the Goddess archetypes brings so much knowledge and wisdom, empowering us personally, socially, politically and spiritually. I invite you to work at what ever level you feel you need. Working with goddess archetypes can if we desire be a deeply spiritual awakening but equally provide powerful psychological self help. It’s Important for me to stress that these workshops are not about religion rather self empowerment. 

We will meet weekly (or just drop in) and connect with many different goddess’s throughout history and cultures, we will explore the lessons, wisdom they have for us in our modern age. attending regularly can give you a safe support network to flourish and the content will work in cycles. 

These workshops are about exploring the goddesses for ourselves witnessing and holding space for each other as we delve into our own divine feminine, and find practical ways to utilise goddess wisdom in our lives. Aims for the sessions will be: Identifying and uprooting the beliefs, behaviours and habits holding you back Sacred boundaries and protection Learning to fully receive self love Turning your wounds into wisdom Utilising this innate wisdom as our birthright to all women has the potential to create positive change in your life. If you are healing from past traumas or want to be more assertive at work, build your self confidence or navigate relationships there will be a gift the goddess wants to give to you. The Goddess awaits you!


Greetings……Im Sarah I trained as a creative Arts therapist and currently work in Mental Health. My experience with goddess celebration is a deeply personal journey which I’m excited to share with you as goddess wisdom has helped me through Recovery, Loss, Self- Sabotage, Anxiety and Depression.