Somatic Movement Courses

Amba Yoga
9.30am – 10.30am
Somatic Movement courses 
Somatics is a system developed by Thomas Hannah known as Hanna Somatics. Instead of passive stretching, pandiculation is used in different areas and then in whole body movement sequences. Pandiculation is where muscle and fascia are contracted fully and released fully focusing on tight muscles to let go. This allows areas that are too tight (locked short or hypotonic) to be released over time. The brain can relearn healthy movement patterns. Somatics also works to de stress, switching the relaxation response and lessening pain and discomfort in the body.
Please enquire for the next course date £32 for 4 week courses US members £24
 Sunday Conscious Movement workshops– 
On the fourth Sunday of each month Amba will offer either a moving with awareness topic or theme or an antenatal hypnobirthing workshop. 
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Ambas BIO
Amba qualified in 2004 and is a yoga elder. Amba has a wealth of experience across the board, having taught in centres for recovery, schools, hospitals, for cancer care, in mental health and in leisure centres and yoga studios. Amba is qualified in all ages from mum baby yoga, pre and post natal, beginners and intermediate hatha and most recently Yoga and integrative movement (a Scaravelli inspired approach). Amba is also a level one Somatic Movement Education Coach. 
Having previously worked through some repetitive pain and subsequent injury in her younger years and with her both developing abs maturing understanding of anatomy, fascia and biotensegrity, Amba’s style is inclusive and gentle. This is why Amba brings in somatic movement within the yoga courses.  This allows the emphasis to be on a deep inner listening where practitioners learn to reawaken healthy and functional movement patterns. ‘I am delighted to be offering gentle yoga and somatic movement at the new Urban Shanti Community studio as well as facilitating ‘Conscious movement workshops’. My interest is in helping people move easefully and with more awareness and understanding of how somatics and yoga and intuitive movement can help them.’