Chakra Healing

with Karen Bailey


5.30pm -7.00pm

Drop in £8
Willow Tree Life Membership £20  
US price £5

MAX students 18

The class will be using my knowledge in Reiki, oracle cards and helping others use their own intuition. This class is available for anyone from the age of 18 upwards.

Teaching each individual about their energy centre. This will include a guided mediation to help them open up and release their natural flow of energy.

My aim is to help people feel uplifted, empowered and validated and to live their life with passion and purpose learning to love themselves first, before everything and everyone else in every day life.


Karen Bailey BIO

My name is Karen Bailey and my business is Willow Tree Life. I am a qualified Beauty Therapist with over 10 years experience and a Reiki Master/Teacher Practitioner with 5 years experience. I am offering classes were I can share my knowledge in using Reiki and meditation to heal ourselves. I now describe myself as a Intuitive healer as I have grown in my journey and now use the skills I have acquired to help others.

Founder of Willow Tree Life (Health & Well-being)
Mob: 07525 812743

“A treatment at Willow Tree ,will let your mind, body and soul be free”


Sovereign Centre


Ground Floor