Wednesdays 2.00pm - 3.00pm


With Ysabel and Jamii

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Relax and Unwind


Stop – Observe – Breath – Enhance – Respond

Have you ever found yourself facing a problem through the eyes of anger, anxiety, fear or depression. 

The uneasy chatter of the mind fuelled by the fight flight and freeze mode creates irrational stories, judgements and reactions creating a rippling effect of negativity into the waters of our lives. 

This Urban Shanti Yoga practice is based around quietening the chattering mind, breathing lungfuls of oxygenated air into the blood, healing the body and focusing the mind upon the gentle stress of the perfect alignment of the simple postures (asanas) used to activate the muscular systems within the body. Whilst we release tension by elongating the muscle fibres creating strength and flexibility. we also use regulated breath patterns to activate the Vagus nerve system and stimulate the body into an active state of healing and rejuvenation, allowing a faster rate of waste removal from the cells of the body and a faster recovery for the entire body.  Whilst also focusing and training the mind into present moment mindfulness and helping the body to hit the reset button creating a habit within the body, stimulating a chemical reaction of love invoking feelings, which can be called upon in stressful anxiety/ fear/ anger /emotion fuelled situations. 

Join us and the incredible Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls for a very unique healing experience. Sound Healing is an ancient technique that has been used to heal body-mind-soul. It is a simple healing technique utilising the frequency of the sound Bowls, which are combined with various crystalline minerals to reach us on a cellular level. “We are water and our bones have a crystalline structure that creates an entertainment between sound and body. Quartz is a vibrational transmitter. It is used as a transmitter in almost all of our technologies. It carries the vibrational consciousness of the mineral, metal, or crystal into our cellular body.” Although all forms of sound Healing are beneficial and unique. I work with the crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls due to the correlation between their makeup and ours and of course my unconditional love for our crystal friends


 I first came to Bournemouth back in 2014, when I was suffering from the disease of addiction. I had spent so many years suffering from anxiety and depression and at one time I truly believed the only way to live in this life was to numb my pain and suffering with medications. I had had many diagnoses from many Doctors, by the time I was 33, I was on a list for knee replacement surgery. Fortunately, I found another path. I have been studying, practicing and teaching the metaphysical healing properties of crystals, of sound and Native American Practices for nearly a decade. I still have so much to learn from my ancestors, our great mother, great grandmother, great grandfather and from you. I have also discovered the positive effect of mindfulness and meditation and the connection between mind and body. As a person who suffered Anxiety and Depression these practices have not only saved my life, they have given me one I only dreamed of. I believe it is my soul purpose to help you achieve the same happiness.

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Hi, my name is Jamii. Others may know me as Carmen, but all that really matters is that I am devoted to bringing love, peace and grounding to all beings and creatures around me. 

I started my Yoga journey when I was pregnant with my Daughter in 2012. After meditating the whole way through my labour and having a beautiful experience, I realised that there is something massive about integrating breath, meditation and movement to stressful life situations to help relieve pain and come back to a loving space within ourselves.

So began my journey of learning to teach yoga and bringing it to every person I meet who is struggling with some aspects of life. 

What has amazed me since, is how I have gained huge amounts of control over my anxiety, depression, Fibromyalgia and gained as a bi product a healthier, more flexible body with abundant strength, minus all the injuries I get from doing things Im not ready for. This has allowed me to experience and learn why it is so important not to push your limit and to warm up and cool down and listen to your body. 

My body now feels better, heals quicker and my mind is mainly clear of negativity and self doubt. The techniques for this I would love to share with the world.

I now mainly specialise in teaching the theory of yoga along with Pranayama (breath-work), Mediation, and Asana (postures) using a practical day to day practice suitable for all levels to help get anxiety and depression under control, and to help people become stronger healthier and more flexible. 

Alongside my yoga classes I also teach KIZOMBA basics (couple dancing). I am a commercial dancer, choreographer, an internationally known DJ mixologist, amateur/professional photographer, spoken work poet, song writer, hairdresser, jewellery maker, events organiser, amateur web designer, pole dance instructor, DJ teacher, dance crew owner (De:fusion) and now the excited CO OWNER of URBAN SHANTI COMMUNITY STUDIO BOSCOMBE. 

Im here to spread the light of love and help all beings in anyway I can. I hope this community can help you as much as it has helped me.