Angelic Tones Crystal Alchemy Sound Healing With Trapeze ​

12.00pm - 1.30pm

3.00pm - 4.00pm

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Join me and the incredible Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls for a very unique healing experience. Sound Healing is an ancient technique that has been used to heal body-mind-soul. It is a simple healing technique utilising the frequency of the sound Bowls, which are combined with various crystalline minerals to reach us on a cellular level. “We are water and our bones have a crystalline structure that creates an entertainment between sound and body. Quartz is a vibrational transmitter. It is used as a transmitter in almost all of our technologies. It carries the vibrational consciousness of the mineral, metal, or crystal into our cellular body.” Although all forms of sound Healing are beneficial and unique. I work with the crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls due to the correlation between their makeup and ours and of course my unconditional love for our crystal friends

Ysabels BIO

Hello my name is Ysabel. I first came to Bournemouth back in 2014, when I was suffering from the disease of addiction. I had spent so many years suffering from anxiety and depression and at one time I truly believed the only way to live in this life was to numb my pain and suffering with medications. I had had many diagnoses from many Doctors, by the time I was 33, I was on a list for knee replacement surgery. Fortunately, I found another path.

I have been studying, practicing and teaching the metaphysical healing properties of crystals, of sound and Native American Practices for nearly a decade. I still have so much to learn from my ancestors, our great mother, great grandmother, great grandfather and from you. I have also discovered the positive effect of mindfulness and meditation and the connection between mind and body. As a person who suffered Anxiety and Depression these practices have not only saved my life, they have given me one I only dreamed of.

I believe it is my soul purpose to help you achieve the same happiness.

Ysabel is Co Founder of URBAN SHANTI COMMUNITY STUDIO and is one of the leading forces within the Urban Shanti movement.